Reporting and Compliance


The Quarter 2 (Q2) Project & Expenditure (P&E) Reports and Annual Recovery Plans are due on July 31, 2024.Treasury has released new and updated resources, including the July 2024 Project and Expenditure Report User Guide and Updated Compliance and Reporting Guidance to assist in reporting State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund expenditures.

State, territorial, metropolitan city, county, Tribal governments, and non-entitlement units of local government that receive funding under the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds program have compliance and reporting requirements as provided in their Financial Assistance Agreement. These requirements support transparency, responsibility, and equity in use of these vital resources.

Compliance and Reporting Guidance

The most recent Compliance and Reporting Guidance for SLFRF recipients is now available (last updated July 2024).

Reporting User Guide

Recipients should refer to the following user guides for step-by-step guidance for submitting the required SLFRF reports using Treasury’s Portal.

Resources for Recovery Plan Performance Reports

States, territories, and metropolitan cities and counties with greater than 250,000 residents are required to submit to Treasury and publicly post on their website an annual Recovery Plan Performance Report each July.

Accessing the Treasury Reporting Portal

Get Assistance Reporting Resources

Treasury has developed a wide variety of videos to help recipients access, complete, and submit reports. 

SLFRF Public Reporting
Data Dashboard

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Program recipients with questions about reporting, technical issues, eligible uses of funds, or other items visit the self-service resources.
FAQs for All Recipients

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Guidance for NEUs

View NEU Guidance

Guidance for Tribal Governments

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Recipients are required to comply with Treasury’s Compliance and Reporting Guidance and meet compliance and reporting responsibilities defined in the Final Rule, which includes submitting mandatory periodic reports to Treasury. Recipients’ reporting requirements vary by the type and amount of funds received.