Additional Reporting Resources

This page contains additional background information and historical materials related to SLFRF reporting and compliance to assist recipients.


The most recent Project and Expenditure Report User Guide is available on the main Reporting and Compliance page. Below are tools to assist recipients with reporting as well as historical reporting and compliance materials.

For entities with Broadband Infrastructure Projects

Those recipients with projects improving Broadband Infrastructure should use the Updated Broadband Template to enter information on the nature of the projects undertaken with SLFRF funds.

  • The highly preferred and Treasury-encouraged method for generating latitude/longitude data for each location to which service is to be installed is through the use of a commercially available GPS-encoded device physically present at the location. More guidance regarding this preferred method, Geolocation with GPS in the Field, can be found in Geolocation Methods.
  • The latitude/longitude data for each location to which service is designed to be installed should be situated at the structure that is the broadband serviceable location.
  • Additionally, starting with the July 2023 Report, Treasury will be requesting:
    • The unique Location ID (from the FCC’s Broadband Serviceable Fabric Locations), and
    • The Provider ID (from the FCC-provided ID # that all ISPs that have filed or will file with the FCC’s Broadband Data Collection)
  • As provided for in each SLFRF award agreement, the Uniform Guidance applies to all uses of funds made available under those awards unless provided otherwise by Treasury, including broadband infrastructure projects. In response to questions from recipients and internet service providers, Treasury issued the SLFRF Supplementary Broadband Guidance regarding the application of the Uniform Guidance to broadband infrastructure projects.