Archived Program Rules

Documents and resources from the 2010 SSBCI Allocation which operated from 2011-2017 will be revised for the 2021 round of SSBCI.

Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 (the Act):

​This is the enabling statute that created the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI).  It was signed into law September 27, 2010.  Existing and new state programs are eligible for support under SSBCI.  

Policy Guidelines

The SSBCI Policy Guidelines is the controlling, interpretive document for the SSBCI Program.  The SSBCI program does not have regulations, and this document serves a function similar to regulations under other federal programs.  Prior versions of the Policy Guidelines are posted below:

National Standards for Compliance and Oversight (National Standards)

The document sets forth national standards for the compliance and oversight responsibilities of Participating States.  The Act requires Treasury to establish minimum standards for Approved State Programs.  The Act and the Allocation Agreement require Participating States to comply with the National Standards.  These standards are a complement to, but not a substitute for, the requirements set forth in the Act, the Allocation Agreement, and the SSBCI Policy Guidelines.   The national standards are carefully worded to indicate which items are requirements and which are recommendations or best practices for states to consider.  Prior versions of the National Standards are posted below:

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

These are Treasury's responses to frequently asked questions related to the SSBCI program.  They are updated often and serve to clarify the requirements set forth in the SSBCI Policy Guidelines.