Information Technology Strategy and Technology Management (ITSTM)

Information Strategy and Technology Management (ITSTM) leads management programs to ensure that Treasury’s $3 billion IT portfolio targets measurable impacts to mission efficiency and management effectiveness in accordance with:

  • Treasury, Bureau, and Administration management priorities
  • Federal Government and Financial Sector benchmarks for IT spending


Enterprise-wide Information Repository

ITSTM maintains an enterprise-wide information repository on Treasury assets (human capital, IT and physical infrastructure, contracts, and data) to inform management priorities and forecast their impact on mission efficiency, and management effectiveness.


Enterprise Architecture

ITSTM operates the Enterprise Architecture (EA) program to prepare and maintain a multi-year IT strategy and lead associated IT programs that provide a reliable foundation for enterprise IT.


Capital Planning Investment Control (CPIC)

ITSTM governs Treasury’s Capital Planning Investment Control (CPIC) operations to provide an objective evaluation of the IT portfolio’s progress towards management priorities and coordinate the implementation of corrective actions to improve portfolio performance.